Poliervorrichtung mit Kühlflüssigkeitspender, insbesondere für Marmor, Granit, Keramik, Porzellan, Gestein und dergleichen

Polishing device with coolant fluid dispenser, particularly for marble, granite, ceramics, porcelain, stoneware and the like

Dispositif de polissage avec distributeur de fluide de refroidissement, en particulier pour le marbre, le granit, la céramique, la porcelaine, les matériaux pierreux et similaires


A polishing device with improved distribution of the coolant fluid, particularly for marble, granite, ceramics, stoneware, porcelain stoneware and the like, includes a shaft (10) which is kinematically connected to a motor means (13) and performs an axial translatory motion, and a plurality of polishing bodies (11) at at least one of the ends of the shaft (10); its particularity consists of the fact that it includes a means (15) for distributing the coolant fluid which is associated with the shaft (10) and is arranged proximate to the plurality of polishing bodies (11). The invention fully solves the problems observed in conventional devices, since it is able to actually convey the fluid in the working area of the polishing bodies (11), differently from conventional polishing devices, in which the fluid falls centrally without being directed toward the working regions where it is needed.




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