Chopper folder for rotary press

Plieuse à lame pour une machine d'impression rotative

Schwertfalzeinrichtung für eine Rotationsdruckmaschine


A chopper folder for a rotary press folds signatures which are periodically conveyed, one signature at a time, from a folding machine. The chopper folder includes a pair of folding rollers (4) for folding a signature (1) parallel to the conveyance direction, a prime mover, a crank arm (15) fixed to an output shaft (12) of the prime mover to be rotated together with the output shaft (12), a blade holder (16) connected to the crank arm (15) via a link (17), a chopper blade (3) held in the blade holder (16) and adapted to push the signature (1) from an upper surface thereof in order to insert the signature (1) into a space between the pair of folding rollers (4), and guide units (23d) for restricting motion of the blade holder (16) such that the blade holder (16) reciprocates only in a direction perpendicular to a conveyance plane along which the signature (1) is conveyed.




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